The Adidas Glider Stancelancer is a high-quality football that is used for training to help make you a better player.  This ball comes only in size 5, which is recommended for teenagers and adults.  It has a bright yellow colour, which allows it stand out giving you easy visibility and playable in any weather conditions at any time throughout the day.  The Stancelancer can also be used in both indoors and outdoors environments. 

Addidas Football Glider Stancelancer

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  • The Adidas Glider Stancelancer is created with skilled stitching work, giving it high durability and a soft touch.  This makes the player feel comfortable on the ball giving them the confidence to maximises performances.  It is made from 100% thermoplastic polyurethane and has 14 different panels that are all carefully stitched together giving a quality product.  It also has a Butlyl Bladder giving it a high ball retention.  This ball is provided uninflated.