This Adidas Team Glider is a great football to be used in training sessions and in general play to improve your game.  The Team Glider can be used both indoors and outdoors, in any weather conditions and still rovide a top performance. This product comes only in size 5 which means it is recommend for teenagers and adults (anyone over the age of 14). This ball is created by Adidas which shows its product authenticity.   Due to its white and black colour it is easy to see in all different conditions that you may come across while playing the game.

Adidas Team Glider

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  • The Adidas Team Glider is made with precision to make sure it provides for all players. It is a well-produced, quality ball, that will assist you in training to maximise your performances. It is created with 18 different panels, which include the colours of black and white. It is machine stitched which allows it to have durability. Due to its Butyl bladder it makes the ball have long air retention giving players that extra performances and confidence.  This ball is provided uninflated.