These socks can be used by both men and women.  They are 100% new top-quality socks.  These are made by high grade cotton which allows them to have pure comfort.  These socks come in the colours of white, black, red and blue.  These socks come in at a great price. They are 54 cm in length which allows them to be worn at around knee height or just over the knee which allows them to be folded down which football socks are designed to do.     

Football Socks

SKU: 0005
  • These are high quality socks that contain numerous of great benefits such as, pure comfortability and breathable space which increases comfort.  Once the sock is on the player, they are not easy to slide which allows the shin pad underneath to stay in place, ensuring higher protection. They are fashionably and stylish designed with 2 stripes at the top of the socks making it trendy.  It has a resistance to washing and allows for heat dissipation increases comfortability of the player.