The Mitre Glycerine is to be used to minimize the risk of you damaging the ball when you are inflating them. This is one of the most reliable products and is much better and safer than using water. The kit also comes with 2 needles that can also be used to pump up other sports balls. Using the lubricant will make sure that there is less risk of puncturing the ball while it is being inflated.

Mitre Glycerine and ball needle adaptor care kit

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  • This kit is extremely useful for when using a pump to inflate a sports ball.  Not only does it give you a well-known Mitre lubricant it also provides you with 2 needles. To use this lubricant, you must attach the needle to the pump and dip the needle slightly in to the pot or pour a slight drop on to the top of the needle. Once this has been completed you can insert the pump in to the sports ball a lot easier and safer than you would beforehand.  Using this product reduces the risk of damaging the ball during inflation.  This pack also comes with 2 spare needles given you spares if one is lost or broken.