Customer Care

 Making sure that our customers are satisfied is one of our key values and something we take very seriously.  When you purchase one of our sport products we want to make sure that you have received exactly what you wanted, if you are not completely satisfied then please don't hesitate to contact us at We provide a range of sports equipment and accessories that are needed in everyday sport. We offer these products in a wide variety of colours to make sure that we provide for a wide range of customers.  If you have an queries before you purchase our sport products then please contact us at or visit our social media pages and drop us a message. 

Millionz direct is an upcoming sports retail company that wants to provide quality products at reasonable prices throughout the UK.  In the future we plan to open stores across the UK which will allow us to make a further connection with our customers.  We want to build a UK sports company that will be willing to go the extra mile for our customers making sure that they are completely satisfied.  

Privacy & Safety

The personal data we collect will only be used to make sure that your Millionz direct experience is paramount.  When you become a member of our site you will be given the option on how we contact you and what information you would like to receive so that you receive all of our promotional offers and  given any updates that are needed in that particular time including information about your account.

Your data is and will always be protected! When a customer purchases a product and enters their details, all of their information is secured and protected by the HTTPS and TLS encryption.  TLS is a standard security for online technology for having a link between a web server and browser.  By having this it means that every single information of data that passes through will be kept private and safe  TLS is used by millions of websites across the UK.

We want you to shop without any worries so we make sure that we protect your data.  If you have any questions or concerns then please don't hesitate to contact us at 

The information we collect about our customers will be collected if you buy any of our products online, this includes both members and non members. Members will need to create an account where they will store their email and password and their billing details once they make a purchase.  If you are not a member then the information we receive will include payment information and shipping address.  Also if you enter one of our competitions to win some of our products, we will need your first name, last name and address so we can send the winning products to the correct address of the winner.   When you contact us via email we save all of the emails so that we can review them after every month so that we can understand what our customers are asking and if there is any information we can give on our website to improve your experience.  Furthermore we collect information about any payments that you make which include your  payment information, which allows us to check for fraud.  We want to make sure that the time you spend with us is both easy and safe.

The information that we collect includes first name, last name, address, email, password and billing details. 

There are many different ways that we receive data from you, these include when you create an account with us which allows you to gain different benefits while climbing the membership table.  You may also give us data by entering one of our competitions.  You are not obliged to give us any of your personal data but if you don't then we may not be able to complete your payment order or enter you in any of our competitions.  

There are two main reasons that we collect your data this includes the ability for us to provide you with our products and services.  We need this information so that we can deliver your products to your correct address without any problems.  We also need to take payments and provide you any refunds, if necessary.   The second reason is that we can send you any promotional offers that we currently have so that you stay updated with the company and get the best offers possible.  

We will not share your information with any third parties without your agreement or to meet UK Laws.

We will not keep your information any longer than is necessary and we will only keep information that is related to the relevant purpose.  When you create an account with us we will retain your information for the period that your account is open.  When their is contact with our customer care we will keep the emails until we believe that the problem is solved this allows us to increase customer satisfaction.  

If you would like us to stop storing any of your data then please contact us at  

Wholesale Inquiries

If you would like to buy a large quantity of one specific products at a discounted price then please don't hesitate to contact us at  We have different prices on all of our products when you purchase 20 or above, however these prices will be subject to change so if interested please contact us at  

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards